At long last, a hands-on course for those that want to sharpen their skills in various Intra and extra-oral injections techniques necessary to complement the treatment of pain in patients. Registrants will also learn how Botox can be a valuable adjunctive therapy.

This course includes a thorough review of head and neck anatomy and will carefully demonstrate when and where injections may be used. Each student will have the opportunity to observe the techniques, then perform the injections under close faculty supervision.

Some of the many injections will include:

  • Advanced trigger point injections for myofascial problems.
  • TMJ injections for unlocking, prolotherapy and diagnostic purposes.
  • Greater occipital injections for occipital neuralgia.

  • Nerve blocks for the treatment of myofascial pain, facial neuralgias and headaches.

  • Temporalis tendon injections.

Attendee: $1995.

CEUs: 12.

Dates: November 3-4, 2023 | Location: 200 Ashford Center N. STE 195. Atlanta, GA 30338

*25 Units of botulinum toxin (Xeomin) included in your registration to administer or bring in a subject.

The second part of the course will address the inclusion of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) as an additional therapy to treat chronic pain patients. Although we realize that Botox shouldn’t be used as an initial stand-alone treatment, it is a great adjunct therapy to the orthotic therapy that many of us use daily. Techniques will include the correct muscle sites, depths of injections, proper dilutions and how to avoid, treat and manage possible side effects. The inclusion of Botox therapy will enable the practitioner to treat muscle problems, migraine headaches and bruxism problems that current modalities may miss. Safety and risk factors, along with proper evaluation of the patients will be thoroughly discussed to achieve the best therapeutic and cosmetic effects for your patient.

Every state is different and you are responsible for making sure that you abide by your state laws.

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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can be made in writing (emails accepted) up to 30 days prior to the start of the program and will be refunded in full less 10% of the fees collected. We are unable to offer refunds within 30 days of a session due to non-refundable commitments. In the unlikely event that BenPat Institute cancels this program all paid registration fees will be refunded in full within 21 days following the scheduled date of the event.