At Ben-Pat Institute, we provide education in Orofacial Pain (OFP), Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM). We go beyond that to link the correlation of these conditions together to help make you a more skilled clinician in these disciplines to further help your patients.

Ben-Pat CE course in Atlanta, GA


Our methods of education encompass a case-based didactic learning style. This allows you to appreciate the thoughts behind the clinical cause that you may encounter. We chose this learning style because it will help you have a clear understanding of the examination and diagnosis process as well as the treatment plan. Everything is intertwined and we want to make sure you understand it all.


It is our goal to help you build confidence in your diagnostic skills as well as with preparing and understanding treatment plans. Through HANDS-ON components, we can provide you with the skills you need to successfully implement these concepts while also understanding the flow for your clinical practice.

Mayoor Patel & Terry Bennett
Dr. Patel applying trigger point injection on patient


With more than 46 years of combined clinical experience, we understand that sometimes patients are unresponsive to treatments. When this occurs, it is important to know what to do. At Ben-Pat, we will also help you learn how to troubleshoot non responsive treatment. That way you can continue to provide your patients with the care they need, even when obstacles are present.


“Mayoor and Terry are Outstanding instructors with a great program. They make concepts easy to understand and apply. They are both very approachable and genuinely want you to succeed. Highly recommend!“

Meghna Dassani, DMD - Houston, TX

“The wealth of knowledge that has been shared from Dr. Bennett and Dr. Patel is a rare find. They both are excellent educators with a passion and desire to share their knowledge. They have the confidence to allow depth of questions and open discussions of controversial issues.

Each course I have taken with them, I come out of the course with information that I can use in my practice on Monday. Their desire is to give their students applicable treatment modalities that will help our patients.”

J. Paul Diaz, DMD - Tuscaloosa, AL

“I have had the opportunity to study under Dr. Terry Bennet and Dr. Mayoor Patel for 2 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed his lectures and his approach to treating orofacial pain and sleep.

For anyone who is considering this challenging field of dentistry, I would strongly recommend attending Dr. Bennett’s and Patel’s courses.

Dr’s Bennett and Patel are a dynamic duo with a firm grasp on ALL topics of this field. Meeting them has truly changed my practice and I am forever grateful!”

Tejal Kakade, DMD - Carrollton, GA

“My sincerest congratulations to Dr. Bennett and Dr. Patel on the launching of their training center, which I am sure will be one of excellence!

Both doctors are natural teachers with great compassion for their subject. They have a unique ability  to share the depth of their knowledge and their experience, in a way that fully engages you and you leaves you wanting to learn more!

The knowledge gained empowered me to make a more meaningful connection between oral health and overall health and ignited a new passion in me  after practicing dentistry for 28 years.”

Annette Warren, DDS - Nassau, Bahamas

“I have been a dentist for 31 years and TMJ has been the most challenging of my career. 5 years ago I started my practice and decided to dedicate myself full time. I sought out experts in the field and landed on Dr. Terry Bennett and Dr. Mayoor Patel.

I consider both to be my mentors and have experienced them both speaking together and separately. The topics I have learned are proper examinations, diagnosis, orthotic selection and how to actually take that knowledge and apply it to practical application.

I highly recommend their Academy from the beginning levels to advanced practitioners.”

Todd Gray, DDS - Peoria, IL

“I first met Dr. Mayoor Patel during my “Sleep Residency program” at UNC. He is an “easy to talk to” instructor responsive to participants questions being both informative and knowledgeable.

Dr. Patel is a great educator who is an invaluable resource to Doctors that want to incorporate sleep medicine protocols into their practices.”

Steven Oshins, DDS - Schenectady, NY

“Bennett and Dr. Patel offer such a wealth of knowledge that they sparked a desire in me to continue to learn more. While I love dentistry, I have found a new passion in treating pain/sleep patients.

Thanks to Dr. Bennett and Dr. Patel, 400+ CE hours later, I am in the process of studying for AAOP boards. After completion, I plan on transitioning my general dental practice into a Craniofacial Pain/Sleep clinic.

I can not say enough about Dr. Bennett and Dr. Patel they are not only great mentors, teachers and colleagues but I am now proud to call them my friends.”

Brandon Snell, DMD - Enterprise, AL

“Dr. Mayoor Patel has been instrumental in my development as a Sleep Clinician. It was at his urging, and with his constant encouragement, that I started, and successfully completed the process of becoming a Diplomate of not only the ABDSM, but of the ABCDSM as well. 

As a mentor, Dr. Patel pushed me to believe in my capabilities. As a teacher, he broke down the complex science of sleep disorders in a way that was readily understandable. His fun and engaging style of instruction, along with the generosity with which he shares a wealth of practical tips on how to run a sleep practice make his courses highly sought out. If you are looking for an incredibly well informed and qualified mentor, who is sincere, and genuinely interested to help you succeed in Sleep medicine, look no further.”

Dr. Sunita Merriman - Westfield, NJ

“I first met Dr. Mayoor Patel at a class that incorporated sleep and TMJ issues. After having practiced dentistry for over 30 years at that time the TMJ was still a mystery for me. The class piqued my interest to learn more about TMD and sleep and I decided to continue my studies with now my mentors and friends Mayoor Patel and Terry Bennett. These two are inspiring . After having taken their mini residency courses in both orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine, I’ve sold my general dental practice and plan to continue in a practice devoted to dental sleep medicine. 

I look forward to my continuing learning experience with Mayoor and Terry and can’t speak highly enough of the two of them. After having taken hundreds of hours of continuing education I now feel I have a home and an incredible resource for all my future endeavors in dental sleep medicine and TMD.”

Dr. Alan Krantz - Jacksonville, FL

After completing our courses, you will have a clear basic understanding on applied anatomy and neuroanatomy as it pertains to Orofacial Pain (OFP), Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM).

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Dental Sleep Medicine - A Clinical Guide Book

Dental Sleep Medicine – A Clinical Guide.

This book is designed to enable dentists to understand various aspects of dental sleep medicine, and to recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders in their patients. It discusses potential negative impact of a sleep disorder on oral and systemic health, and shows how to collaborate with others in order to implement appropriate patient management. The first part of the book concentrated on the scientific background of sleep medicine in connection to dentistry covering the physiology of sleep, classifications of sleep disorders, their diagnosis as well as medical and dental comorbidities. The second part of the book is dedicated to clinical applications like CPAP therapy, oral appliance therapy, surgical procedures and adjunct therapies. Last, the future of dental sleep medicine is discussed. Each chapter is written by specialized researchers and clinicians in the field making the book a useful guide for dental clinicians all around the world.

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